I Quit My Job a Year Ago. Here’s 47 Things I Believe about Life…

It’s been a year since I quit my job. A whole *&%*%*& year!

This is actually the third time in my career I’ve walked away from work for a while. This hiatus has been my longest, most productive and best – because it has been my most intentional. The joy of this time hasn’t been in “no responsibility”, but rather in renewed purpose. I mean, only a person with a purpose would consciously rise at 4am daily, right?


Like an ice cold, thirst-quenching beer guzzled after trekking across the Mojave desert, the past year refreshed my Soul, enlarged my heart and blew my mind. I spent my early mornings, midday lunches and wine laden evenings exploring, talking, thinking, researching, investing and writing about performance, happiness, accountability, culture, mindset, approach, fitness, strategy, purpose, family, love and fulfillment. Whew. I’ve spent the majority of my time crafting a framework for a book. This part is complete. I feel pumped about the start, but there is so much more heavy lifting to go. The process – whoa – uplifting.

The goal of the book? How to tip the

47 Things I Believe

After so much thought, I figured I might as well share some of what I believe. I mean, I want to be the casino and tip the odds of life in my favor. You can too.

  1. We’ve all been sold a dream of pursuing happiness in life, right? Well, it’s bullshit. You don’t chase happiness; you choose happiness. Happiness – just like positivity and optimism – is a mindset, an attitude, and an approach to life (and good news, it is linked to getting a lot of shit accomplished). What we should be chasing is fulfillment of our purpose. Fulfillment is different. It is an intentional approach that aligns vision, values and actions into the wholeness of a full life. It is our intentional impact on the world through our considered purpose. Fulfillment makes your Soul sing and your heart glow. It comes from the inside out. Ultimately, choose a happy, positive approach to lead a fulfilled life.
  2. Love is the Ultimate SuperPower. Demonstrate love at every chance. It’s the only reason I’m still here. People loved me when I couldn’t love myself.
  3. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner self. To create an extraordinary life, you must commit to becoming an extraordinary person.
  4. Life is a choice you make. You can be the person you were meant to be – or not. It is up to you.
  5. A job does not define you. Your vision, values, family and friends define you. It is impossible to overinvest here.
  6. People gladly follow positive, servant leaders who create a compelling vision and care for them.
  7. Put down your guard. You may occasionally get hurt, but living in fear is debilitating.
  8. The foundation of life is health. Focus on diet, exercise and sleep to optimize the pursuit of your vision and promise of your values
  9. Never underestimate the power of sleep. With a three week old, I can personally attest to the delusional thoughts you have without sleep.
  10. The secret to a good diet starts at the grocery store. If you put the right stuff in your house, it is nearly impossible to eat the bad stuff.
  11. Exercise is paradoxical. The harder you work out the more energy you have to perform.
  12. The world needs more perspective. Instead of trying to be right, be open to being moved.
  13. Listen to seek understanding. It can only enhance your conviction – or change your mind. Either is powerful.
  14. Nothing worth doing is accomplished alone. Build your relationships through service. Who is on your Board of Directors?
  15. Knowing, “Why?” always beats knowing, “How?” Crave the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ gladly reveals itself.
  16. Want to do amazing things in life? Surround yourself with friends and people who perpetually choose to exude positive energy.
  17. Social capitalism is the future. Making money – and doing cool shit – should be championed.
  18. Stopping, thinking and reflecting are critical to leading a full life. Do you know if you are on the right path?
  19. Music has magical powers to move the Soul. Listen to music. Be moved.
  20. Fail more often. Remember that “FAIL” is the “First Attempt In Learning” Fail faster, learn more. Simple. Scary. Powerful.
  21. A strong work ethic is the foundation to success. But, don’t be stupid. Take the time to refresh and renew. You can’t run a marathon by sprinting.
  22. You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you are always in charge of your attitude and approach. Happiness, positivity, optimism and energy are intentional approaches to get more out of life. What is your approach?
  23. Intellectual curiosity must be a lifelong thirst. No matter the topic – prepare for awe. Explore, ask questions and learn. Curiosity creates learning. Learning creates competence. Competence unlocks confidence.
  24. To succeed, hold yourself relentlessly accountable. Accountability is only possible if you define the world you aspire to create. What is your world?
  25. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. There are so many people who are “this close” to achieving success, but give up. Don’t effing give up! Don’t do it. Don’t you do it!
  26. Struggle to define your vision and values. They provide the road and the guard rails to confidently pursue your life. The rest is just noise.
  27. Embrace the possibility of being wrong. So many people are dead set on being right that they miss the gift of perspective.
  28. Stop and savor to celebrate progress and victories. You can’t just keep moving the goal posts back. Celebrating makes the journey way more productive and fun.
  29. Clarity + Accountability + Execution = Success
  30. Stress is a silent killer. Figure out your stressors. Work to eliminate or minimize them.
  31. Don’t buy into being trapped into jobs, relationships or circumstances. There is always a path. Have the courage to follow it. Even when it is scary and unknown.
  32. Complaining is awful for your Soul. You – and you alone – create your future. Take responsibility and action to create the world you want.
  33. Stop. Enjoy the moment you are experiencing now. It is all you have. The future is not ever guaranteed.
  34. Choose to surround yourself with the most vibrant, amazing, inspiring and humble people you can find. The quality of your life depends on it.
  35. Wake early and intentionally invest in yourself. Cleanse and prepare the mind, body and soul for the day.
  36. There are two types of mindsets: consumers and creators. Consumers are the audience to the world; creators are the star performers. Are you watching the world go by – or are you making shit happen?
  37. Express gratitude at every turn. Unappreciative, arrogant people suck. No one likes them.
  38. Spend money on experiences instead of things.
  39. There are no shortcuts. The shortcut is to simply do the work.
  40. Always assume the positive. Instead of seeing roadblocks – a world of opportunity suddenly rises to meet you.
  41. People are fallible. Forgiveness sets you free.
  42. Respond don’t react. It’s way more productive.
  43. Choose collaboration over conflict. It’s way more fun.
  44. Ego gets in the way of everything good. Be humble.
  45. Love your work and respect the people you work with. It will steal your Cheerful Soul if you don’t.
  46. Live in wonder instead of judgment. There are a million ways to do things in the world. Your way isn’t the only one.
  47. No matter what it is, you are worth it. Really. Go for it!

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Random Quote

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

— Goethe


  1. Tamara Lauridsen says:

    You truly have a gift with words! I absolutely loved reading this!

  2. Paige Stephenson says:

    So AWESOME! I will definitely be sharing. Thanks Jerry!

  3. May these words be read by many…inspire even the uninspired and unmotivated. You have an amazing talent to lead, therefore,
    May God bless you daily with his wisdom and guidance to make this world a better place. ..always praying that his love shows in all that we do. .

  4. Awesome. Thanks, Rachel for sharing and Jerry for sharing your experience!

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