Vision & Values

Clarifying and connecting to your “Why” in life is the most important gift you can give yourself. Hard work? You betcha! But, the road map for living an action-oriented, values-driven life unlocks the first step to your optimal success. The work is worth it; you are worth it. Digging into the deepest crevices of your cortex and Soul creates:

  • laser focus – so you can spend your time on the highest value priorities
  • sustainable motivation and commitment – even when things are hard
  • confidence that you’re working on your “right” things
  • clarifying your passion purpose which drives you forward
  • harmony and peacefulness knowing that your actions align with your vision & values

Since I believe in authentic leadership, I completed the same exercise. I would never ask someone to do something I won’t do – or haven’t already done. My road map for success is below.


To have an insane amount of fun by loving, inspiring and supporting people to lead a fulfilled life while leaving the world a happier, better place

Personal Values:

  1. Live a life where love is the ultimate superpower.
  2. Family is not necessarily biological. Family is about love and loving, care and caring. It is where one feels home.
  3. Invest generously in myself, so I am prepared to invest in others. We don’t do life alone.
  4. Choose my humble, Cheerful Soul attitude on a daily basis. Attitude is always a choice.
  5. Demonstrate grit, perseverance and creativity when my plan doesn’t work.
  6. Treasure collaboration over conflict.
  7. Open my mind, heart and home to friends who need it.
  8. Vigorously pursue knowledge in the pursuit of action and in preparation of opportunity.
  9. Commit to planned renewal to feed the flames of passion.
  10. Protect my health through proper diet, challenging exercise and restful sleep.
  11. Demand accountability when responsibility is clear
  12. Crave perspective and treat it as the gold standard of self-awareness
  13. Communicate with others on their terms, not mine.
  14. Cherish people’s differences as unique – not weird or wrong.
  15. Tackle problems as interesting challenges.
  16. Be disciplined to live my vision and values daily. And, when I miss the mark, to have the courage to immediately start again.