Effective Communication in the Digital Age

The world tumbles forward with unstoppable force. Are you keeping up? With the pressures of “always on” technology and increased workloads, people make ineffective choices in choosing the correct channel for communication. Sometimes, like being taught how to listen, I wonder if people even consider the most effective channel – or have a framework to […]

TPV: The Key to Productive Productivity

The difference between hugely successful people and the ones who want to be successful is focused execution – on the right priorities. After all, I’ve never met a person or business who sets out to fail. Have you? Hugely successful people fully understand the concept of “TPV.” Let’s face it: In a fast-paced world, there […]

Why I Deleted Facebook from my iPhone

I deleted Facebook from my iPhone. Now, I didn’t give up Facebook. I’ll just be engaging with it on a less frequent and more intentional basis – on my computer. When I had the idea to disconnect mobile, I was surprised when I started paying attention to my usage: Taking a peek before I got […]

Repurposing Content for Authority Pages

Developing remarkable content is no easy task. But, what if we could take existing content and present in a a new way that completely changes the value proposition for the customer? This would be a great thing, right?

Is the “Accept” Button the End of Our Relationship?

People don’t know why they’re on LinkedIn…other than being trained like monkeys to click the “accept” button. I don’t need connections on LinkedIn, I already have actual friends on Facebook. I need shared-value/shared-interest connections where I can add value to our relationship. This is really the magic of LinkedIn – finding people who are passionate and can help create something greater than we can achieve individually.

Email Marketing Firm, Spamming for Business?

Total Send sent me a spam message this morning pitching their email service. Does anyone see the irony in such a pitch?

Why Recency is the Best Indicator of Outsourcing Success

I was interviewed by Steve Bynghall and Ross Dawson for an upcoming book on outsourcing. During the interview, I was asked about how we select our candidates. During my response, the concept of “recency” developed as the most important indicator of outsourcing success. Steve hadn’t heard that insight before, so I thought I would share that concept.

Fiverr Project Status Update

Alright, I wanted to check back in with an update on Fiverr.com. I’ve run a few projects on there and each of them with success. Now, nothing I was doing was timely, so even though two projects delivered late, it did not impact the quality of the work or the experience.

Google Gets Social – Beta Feature

I was doing some research today and saw this popup for the first time: “Results from people in your social circle for low back pain – BETA” It is completely fascinating to me how social is going to be implemented into and impact search results. For companies not in this space – or moving quickly […]

Prescription for Anaemic Open & Click Rates

Last night, I received a text message from a client that runs a real estate industry trade group website. I’ve helped them figure out the “Owner’s Manual” part of operating their website and they’ve been great to work with on their project. Tom’s text read: “What is an average open rate for email campaigns? What […]