Our Family Word: Contribute

Contribute Amid the chaos of today’s world, this young girl gives me hope. I’m glad she’s ours. My favorite word may be “perspective,” but our family word is “contribute.” Quite simply, “do what you can, where you are with what you have.” Make a difference. Help. Contribute.While pushing Briggs on the swing, I looked over […]

WhatIfWednesday: Good Days Suck

What if you stopped accepting good days as good enough and instead drove to unlock the magic of great days? #whatifwednesday #Gooddayssuck #driveforgreat #unlockthemagic #rachelsidea

ThinkingThursday: Weddings and Funerals

ThinkingThursday Weddings and Funerals “You can either hang around people who tell you that it can’t be done and you’re stupid for trying or you can hang around people who inspire possibility.” -Scott Dinsmore, TED Talk I’m in Nashville today. I wish I wasn’t. The world isn’t a better place today with the loss of […]

WhatIfWednesday: Add Joy to the World

What if every action you took had to pass the test, “Does this add joy to the world”? #whatifwednesday #bethechange #rachelsidea

WhatIfWednesday: The World is Ending

What if the world was going to end tomorrow? What would you do today? #whatifwednesday #rachelsidea

WhatIfWednesday: Make People Smile

What if your aim for the day was to make people smile? What would you do differently? #whatifwednesday #rachelsidea

WhatIfWednesday: National Currency

What if happiness was the national currency…what work would make you insanely rich? #whatifwednesday #rachelsidea

Thinking Thursday: Creators and Consumers

There are two type of people in the world. Creators and Consumers. Creators make shit happen. Consumers wait for shit to happen. Creators invest their time. Consumers spend their time. Consumers binge watch the latest series on Netflix. Creators write the series. Consumers allow the world to impact them. Creators act boldly with intention. Consumers […]

ThinkingThursday: Creating Change

Thinking Thursday Creating Change Never overestimate your ability to change others; indeed, you have none. Never underestimate your power to change yourself; you are the only one who can. What change are you creating? #thinkingthursday #change

Thinking Thursday: Writing a Story that Hasn’t Happened

Thinking Thursday The Story that Hasn’t Happened Our mind is an awesome and incredible weapon. It can also be so damn destructive. After all, Charles Swindoll coined, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.” Consider this story: A man traveling late at night through the Midwest cornfields blows out a […]