ThinkingThursday: Creating Change

Thinking Thursday Creating Change Never overestimate your ability to change others; indeed, you have none. Never underestimate your power to change yourself; you are the only one who can. What change are you creating? #thinkingthursday #change

Thinking Thursday: Writing a Story that Hasn’t Happened

Thinking Thursday The Story that Hasn’t Happened Our mind is an awesome and incredible weapon. It can also be so damn destructive. After all, Charles Swindoll coined, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.” Consider this story: A man traveling late at night through the Midwest cornfields blows out a […]

Thinking Thursday: Hope

Thinking Thursday Hope “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” – Andy, Shawshank Redemption Hope is the seed of growth and progress. Think about future change. It always starts with a hope: I hope I get the promotion. Take initiative and do great work! I hope […]

Thinking Thursday: Love

Thinking Thursday Love At the end of our life, at the moment everyone reaches for a Kleenex to dry their eyes and begins searching for meaning, I believe life is simple and crystal clear: a life well lived boils down to who you loved, how you loved them and how they loved you back. When […]

Thinking Thursday: Rough Seas

Thinking Thursday Rough Seas Life, like the seas, are sometimes rough. Whose hand will you be holding to support and elevate your Soul, Heart and Mind? Choose wisely. Time and energy are finite. #52yearjourney #bumpyride #notalwayseasy #wantafriendbeafriend#knowyourvaluesliveyourvalues

Thinking Thursday: Default Settings

Thinking Thursday Default Settings Research shows 95% of computer’s default settings are never changed: how fast the mouse moves, english as the language, screen brightness, associated program files (hello, Internet Explorer!), font (ugh, Times New Roman) and volume are a small sample. They certainly reduce friction and make life easier. But, it also poses a […]

Thinking Thursday: Living All Out

Thinking Thursday Living All Out Do you know what you always have inside you? More to give. Last week, I talked about the need to “Refresh & Renew.” Those aspects are critical to a quality life and sustained, long-term performance. But, you also have to do the work to achieve your goals. This is where living […]

Thinking Thursday: Refresh & Renew

Thinking Thursday Refresh & Renew I was twenty-six years old. We were trying to raise $5MM in Venture Capital. It wasn’t unusual for me to sleep on the couch outside my office. In fact, I wore my same, wrinkled clothes like a badge of honor the following day. For weeks on end, I proudly ground […]

Thinking Thursday: What is a Great Teammate?

Thinking Thursday What is great teammate? I opened the refrigerator yesterday after my wife had left for a business meeting. It was ungodly early. But, there it was in plain sight. All my bottles were setup to feed my son for the day. A small, but brilliant gesture reflecting her understanding of my challenge for […]

Thinking Thursday: Foundation of Life is Health

Thinking Thursday Health As many of you know, I traveled home to Philly recently to hold my Mom’s hand before she underwent heart valve replacement. Everything went well for my Mom. The “Ox” ploughs on… But, as I looked around with my Dad and sisters sitting in the same exact waiting room we did a […]