2015: Experiences. Margin. Creator.

Once again, I am using 2015 to share my “Three Words.” The “Three Words” exercise was introduced to me by Chris Brogan – an age-peer who is a giant beyond his years and perspective. Instead of resolutions, which are easily broken and serve as guilt, Three Words serve as beacons to focus and frame the […]

2014: Cheerful. Maximize. Presence.

This is the third year (2012, 2013) I’m using the concept of “Three Words.” It’s a very cerebral exercise and something I take seriously. In lieu of creating New Year’s Resolutions, which ultimately are broken and disappoint, “Three Words” creates beacons to guide you for the year. I’d like to personally thank Chris Brogan – a […]

What I Want for Christmas – 2013

Dear Mom and Dad – I received your voice mail yesterday regarding Christmas gift ideas. Yes, I know that it is your “Third Request” for this information. I am not ignoring you; I’m just struggling to come up with anything. Rachel and I live blessed lives. We have an amazing daughter who keeps us on […]

Passion to Build a Great Company

Recently, I had the honor of being named an “Ultimate CEO” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. It was certainly a career moment to be recognized in this light alongside really amazing people doing even more amazing work. My personal favorite story belonged to Kevin Gay from Operation New Hope. You should really check out his […]

It Really Does Take a Village…

As is typical of most of our weekends, the whirlwind of activity blew through the beaches moving us from place to place and event to event. My parents flew into town (bringing with them the historic cold weather), we celebrated our awesome friend, Brenna Vriga, by helping throw a surprise 30th birthday for her, I […]

2013: Growth. Discipline. Celebrate.

2012 was nothing short of extraordinary. But, uncertainty reigned supreme as 2011 turned into 2012. Consider I was: Exiting a business I grew and loved for a decade Expecting the birth of my first child, Brooklyn Considering what would be “next” both personally and professionally? To say my guiding words for 2012 (thank you ChrisBrogan.com) […]

How I Went From Fat & Out of Shape to Half Marathon Finisher in Three Weeks (and What I Learned)

Three weeks ago, my wife called me fat. My best friend didn’t deny it. I knew I was in trouble.

Life had gotten in the way of taking care of myself. I had a pregnant wife, we had just come off the holiday, my business was in transition, my stress levels were pretty enormous and I churned out a ridiculous number of hours at my desk. But, those were just excuses. In the moment, I didn’t realize was how far I had been led astray. By focusing on work so intensely, I had thrown my fitness, health and mental soundness out of whack.

My Single Biggest Business Mistake…

As a small business owner, the need to work hard is undisputed. It’s how you go about working hard that makes a difference. Now, for me, the word perspective is of the utmost importance. You have to be aware of yourself, your surroundings and how you fit into the competitive landscape. I find that successful […]

2012 Goals: Engage. Invest. Enrich.

I recently read an article about using three words to help stay focused. I wish I could find the article, but I think it was Chris Brogan who discussed the thought of 2012 goals in this manner. I appreciated its simplicity. As an entrepreneur, I can become overwhelmed with ideas and work, so staying focused is a […]

My Personal Life Goal: Have More Fun than Anyone Else!

Have you ever considered your own personal life goal? A single life goal? I have. Ever since I wrote my high school Senior Thesis paper on, “What is Success?”, I’ve thought about it. So far as I know, I’m only going to pass through this life once. Now, hopefully, I’ll make it to dance with […]