Life is a Choice You Make

So, hello, 2016! I’ve been preparing for you.

I’ve spent the last two month re-investing in myself, my friends and my family. It’s been fabulous. And, I’m keeping the momentum going with a strong plan that includes my vision and values and an actionable plan.

I’m choosing to engage the world in a positive, values-driven manner. I sincerely believe that happiness happens when you align your actions with your values. After all, our outer world is a reflection of our inner self therefore in order to create an extraordinary life you must commit to becoming extraordinary person.


To have more fun than anyone else by aligning my actions with my values to unlock the best in myself and the world around me.

Guiding principles:

  1. Commit to loving my family, friends and world around me. After all, Love is the Ultimate Superpower.
  2. Grow my heart through consistent acts of kindness.
  3. Live life in the present to uncover and enjoy life’s joys.
  4. Focus on being the best person I can be without comparing myself to others.
  5. Express humility and gratitude at every turn while serving the world.
  6. Commit to my goals and work with all I have to achieve them.
  7. Nourish my Cheerful Soul through positive thoughts, optimism and mindfulness.
  8. Freely forgive with an open heart and mind to live life wholly.
  9. Cultivate coping mechanisms to release stress and worry.
  10. Strengthen my body as it connects all aspects of my life.

My 2016 Goals

And, across the five dimensions, here are the specific, tangible goals I will achieve in 2016. Measuring these actions will ensure I know I am “winning.”

Social – Feel connected

  • Get together once a month with friends outside of the home
  • Identify, connect and learn from 1 business leader each week [email, phone or face-to-face]
  • Take a unique person to lunch each week [Fulfilling last year’s idea]
  • Attend at least 4 business events this year [similar to Inc’s Iconic event]

Emotional – Cope and relieve stress

  • Ensure I adhere to my workout schedule
  • Read 5 books per week to Brooklyn
  • Schedule “personal time” with Rachel for at least 2 hours per week
  • Take my boat out at least 2x/month
  • FaceTime with my parent’s at least 1x/week

Physical – Take care of my body

  • Attend OTF (or running equivalent) 3x/week starting in January [156 workouts this year]
  • Run Donna Half marathon under 2:00
  • Weigh 182lbs by February 14th through good diet and exercise
  • Complete a facial each week

Spiritual – Actively engage my Soul

  • Quiet meditation for at least 15 minutes each day [target morning]
  • Engage in a meaningful conversation surrounding ideas [how do we make the world better] not topics [NFL]
  • Write a handwritten note of appreciation at least 1x/week
  • Get a massage 1x/month

Intellectual – Exercise my life long learning

  • Write in Blog 1x/week [52 blog entries]
  • Read 2 books per month [24 total per year]
  • Listen to TED Talks and Leadercast videos in the car 3x/week
  • Write a business book this year
  • Present at one conference/event this year

Life really is a choice you make.

What choices will you make?

Random Quote

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

— Goethe

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