Life Equations

One day Junior year, I settled into third period study hall at the library and grabbed the Journal. An unexpected gem of an article presented itself in that right column and made my otherwise unspectacular  year a complete success. One simple article changed my life, my thinking and my approach. In short, the point of […]

Creating Your Board of Directors

Life gets hard from time to time. But, the good news is that we don’t do life alone. You’re nuts if you think you do. Time and time again the quality of your life is tied to the quality of your relationships. And, I’m not talking about girlfriends or drinking buddies. I’m talking brass tacks, […]

My Morning Routine

Firmly planted in my forties, conversations have started shying away from professional sports teams and started leaning more on a quality life. It’s awesome! I’ve shared my daily intentions with a few friends over the last few weeks. Intentions led into a bigger conversation about setting up your day to win and the importance of […]

The Grim Reaper Almost Got Me

Sometimes, I do stupid stuff. Tuesday was no exception. I’ve spent a solid 25 years behind a desk. There is a reason. I suck at yard work. I know better. And yet, clearly, my adventurous, macho self doesn’t. So, when the neighbor’s deciduous tree, clearly overgrown and hanging into our yard, was dropping seemingly four […]

I’m Dying (and so are you)

I completed my yearly physical at Baptist Primary Care last Monday. The Doctor poked and prodded for about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I received unexpected news. At 43, it is very clear that I am dying. Don’t feel bad for me. You are too. No matter your age, you slowly trudge away from the cradle each […]

ThinkingThursday: The Greatest Gifts

ThinkingThursday In the season of gifts, let us never lose focus that our greatest gifts are almost always right in front of us. #loveyourpeople #actions>values #experiencesnotthings #blindedbythelight

I Quit My Job a Year Ago. Here’s 47 Things I Believe about Life…

It’s been a year since I quit my job. A whole *&%*%*& year! This is actually the third time in my career I’ve walked away from work for a while. This hiatus has been my longest, most productive and best – because it has been my most intentional. The joy of this time hasn’t been […]

How a Simple Birthday Conversation Led to Burning 100,000 Calories

Earlier this week, while you were probably still sleeping, I crossed a milestone during my 6:15am workout at OrangeTheory Fitness. For the calendar year, I’ve now burned over 100,000 calories during 124 workouts.  It was epic calorie #225 that eclipsed the 100,000 mark. Ever the accountability through numbers guy, I watched the screen tick by […]

My Amazing Mom: The Inspirational Story of “Just Try”

“Son, I have lung cancer.” I should have been shocked. Strangely, I wasn’t. For the third time in six years, my amazing mom faces a life-threatening illness. What normally comes as shock has now come as commonplace. My amazing mom was given a week to live the day after Christmas…six years ago. Hospice rushed in […]

Life is a Choice You Make

So, hello, 2016! I’ve been preparing for you. I’ve spent the last two month re-investing in myself, my friends and my family. It’s been fabulous. And, I’m keeping the momentum going with a strong plan that includes my vision and values and an actionable plan. I’m choosing to engage the world in a positive, values-driven […]