Silent Promises are Killers

If your business can’t make a promise, then you are doing it all wrong. I love traveling. Newness opens your eyes to the world right around you that you would otherwise pass blindly. While traveling in Charlotte, I saw two businesses stake their claim: Whole Foods – Values clearly posted on the wall opposite the […]

People: Assets or Liabilities?

In my experience of working with entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs, these leaders view their people as either an asset or a liability. Assets make the company money. Liabilities cost the company money. When you are on the asset mindset side, you invest into your people: training, culture and shared rewards. You want to prime […]

31 Ways to Use White Space to Unleash Productivity

I learned about white space from my fantastically talented illustrator, Allison Bair. I was, yet again, stuffing too much onto a page. She pushed back explaining it was going to exhaust the user, confuse them and be utterly useless. In design, you deploy white space intentionally to create balance on the page. White space works […]

The Profound Paradox of Hurting While Helping

I have to much to learn as a parent. *Sigh* I’m so thankful I have a forgiving student, test case and daughter in Brooklyn. Recently, I met Bob Lupton, author of Toxic Charity, at a leadership event. He explained the idea of empowerment and dis-empowerment related to “doing good for others.” When we do for […]

An Inspiring Vision Driven by Emotional Connections

It’s 1997 and Steve Jobs has just returned to lead Apple from the brink of disaster. Listen to his incredible vision for the future, driven by values and lifted by emotional connections. To me, it is a masterful lesson in laying out the future to inspire and galvanize during a period of change. Obviously, with […]

Getting Specific on Reflection: 5Whys

I recently started working out at Orange Theory Fitness. It is the best workout I’ve ever experienced. Period. I love the mindset the trainers instill, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Pushing yourself into deep corners is the only way to grow. And, walking in knowing that I’m going to be uncomfortable helps me to succeed. […]

Every (Great) Company Needs a Hiring Process

In 2013, NFFS catapulted from $13MM to $28.6MM. This was on the heels of going from $7MM to $13MM in 2012 when we won the fastest growing company in Jacksonville.  The growth was not calculated or planned – not by our lack of planning but because supply and demand was out of whack. It was […]

Conducting Your Yearly Business Physical

December 1st. Wow! My has the year flown. How has your year gone? As you close out 2015 and head into 2016, December 1st is a great time to pause and think about your business in an “in-depth” kind of way. This is true for everyone: Owner, Executive, Manager – or simply “leading you.” The […]

The 5 Dynamic Ideas From Inc’s Iconic DC

Last week, I attended the Iconic:DC event where Inc magazine lined up a ridiculously talented and inspirational group of leaders. Upon reflection of my notes and speaking with friends about the event, it became clear that there were six dynamic ideas echoed as a common thread among the speakers.  Culture Culture is the only sustainable […]

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