ThinkingThursday: Folding Yourself in Two

ThinkingThursday: Folding Yourself in Two

“So many people want to be the noun without doing the verb.”
– Austin Kleon

I intently watched my eleven month old son over six days try to reach the bowl in the back of “his” cabinet. I believe in letting him struggle mightily to figure it out for himself. I wasn’t going to move the bowl closer for him to grab.

His commitment to his goal was single-minded, determined and undeterred. It wasn’t a simple passing thought as he continued to attempt it again and again – at least twenty times. And, from what I could see from my view, failure only stoked his fire to figure a way to succeed.

Ultimately, his Houdini-like maneuver won the day. He literally folded himself in two to get his bowl. Even for an eleven month old Gumby, it was pretty impressive.

It got me thinking about Kleon’s wise words. How often are we looking for the quick fix to achieve the “be” (just look online for the 30 day challenge, the 48 hour weekend diet, the 7 days to amazing lashes, the 6 days to 6 pack abs and a million more!), but are unwilling to put in the sustained work, commitment and determination – “the doing” – to make it happen for the long-term?

How committed are you to achieving your goals? Will you fold yourself in two to reach them?

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“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

— H Jackson Brown

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