ThinkingThursday: My Favorite Word

Thinking Thursday
Most people don’t have a favorite word. Then again, most people aren’t nerdy like me.

Do you have a favorite word?

Mine is perspective. It has been for nearly thirty years. My 6’6″ 7th grade teacher inspired my interest when he instructed all all of his students to stand on their desk and questioned, “The world looks a little different from this perspective, doesn’t it?”

The simple lesson: to change your view of the world, you must challenge yourself to change your perspective. The quality of your life is directly proportional to the perspective you cultivate; the wider and deeper you are willing to go, the better your quality of life.

Why? Because instead of embracing the stress of taking positions and always having to be “right,” you observe, ask questions and begin to live in wonder.

There are a million routes that all lead to the same destination. Instead of insisting something is “Wrong,” think, “Huh…interesting. I wonder why…”

So, if you want a better, fuller life, cultivate perspective.

Get uncomfortable.
Courageously ask questions amid silence.
Say “Yes” to more opportunities for experiences.
Raise your hand.
Rise up to respectfully question authority.
Kneel when speaking with children.
Lay down with babies.
Talk to people about ideas, dreams, and values.
Pay attention.
Go deep; dig deep.
Chase hard things.

What are you doing to cultivate your perspective?

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Random Quote

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

— Goethe

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