Thinking Thursday: Love

Thinking Thursday

At the end of our life, at the moment everyone reaches for a Kleenex to dry their eyes and begins searching for meaning, I believe life is simple and crystal clear: a life well lived boils down to who you loved, how you loved them and how they loved you back.

When it comes to love, I know this for sure:

1. I’m here today because people loved me when I was not able to love myself. Thank you. Go love your people.
2. I willingly tell people who have become part of my Village that I love them. I say it as early and as often as I mean it. When that final moment of life comes, I want to leave nothing to chance about the fact I loved you and how I chose to love you out loud. You, my friend, are amazing.
3. Love is the Ultimate Superpower. Anything worth doing is heavily steeped in love.

What will be the love story of your life?

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“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

— Goethe

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