Thinking Thursday: Foundation of Life is Health

Thinking Thursday

As many of you know, I traveled home to Philly recently to hold my Mom’s hand before she underwent heart valve replacement. Everything went well for my Mom. The “Ox” ploughs on…

But, as I looked around with my Dad and sisters sitting in the same exact waiting room we did a decade earlier when my Mom had her liver transplant, I took notice. I took notice of the strangers – other patient’s family and friends – scattered around the room awaiting their loved ones: tired, bleary eyes, disheveled hair, tapping feet, nonstop hands and coffee.

The look of worry and fear permeated the room like the stench in a high school boys’ locker room.

If you need motivation to eat well and exercise regularly, then go to a hospital. Look at all the sick people who could have, but didn’t. Sit in a surgical waiting room and soak in the angst.

Then, go do something to positively impact your trajectory. Get to the grocery store and buy real food. Go exercise. Walk, run, lift, Zoomba…whatever. Be reasonable in your approach to give yourself a shot.

For the part you can control, do your part. Do not default on the real responsibility to take care of yourself. You are worth it. Your friends and family are counting on you.

After all, the foundation of life is health. What are you doing to protect, defend and inspire your good health?

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Random Quote

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

— H Jackson Brown

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