Thinking Thursday: Default Settings

Thinking Thursday

Default Settings

Research shows 95% of computer’s default settings are never changed: how fast the mouse moves, english as the language, screen brightness, associated program files (hello, Internet Explorer!), font (ugh, Times New Roman) and volume are a small sample. They certainly reduce friction and make life easier. But, it also poses a potential problem.

Defaults are unexamined choices accepted as accurately reflecting your needs. But, do they?

Accepting a computer’s defaults is pretty benign. But, have you ever considered your own human defaults? Critical settings that someone, somewhere has programmed into you – accidentally or on purpose – but unexamined yet accepted nonetheless?

Think about a mundane interaction that happens a multitude of times daily. You thoughtlessly mutter, “Have a good day…”

Bleh. Yuck. Boring. Average.

In our busy lives, we have defaulted to the notion that good is well, good enough.

Think about it. Do you really only want the world to just have “good days?” Or, another, are you really, “I’m [good/fine/not so bad]?” Are you willing to preprogram your thinking to the veritable bell-curve average response with everyone else? Hope you’re not expecting much out of life…

I am not willing to accept average defaults.

My days are numbered on Earth. So are yours. I want to have great days.  I’m willing to work for it. And, great days start with an positive attitude. It’s your choice in the approach.

Living a life of intention filled with more magical moments requires you to consider your defaults.

Don’t be a computer. Be a human. Make choices. Change some defaults.

What human defaults can you upgrade?

PS – Have a great day! 🙂

Random Quote

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

— H Jackson Brown

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