Daily Intentions

My morning routine sets the course for my day to due North. It provides my adrenaline system two shots of espresso before my feet touch the floor. Routine creates a quiet comfort and strength while priming the pump for the day ahead.

Daily intentions create the mindset for making my impact on the world.

Why Daily Intentions

Intentions set the stage to allow my actions and values to dance in harmony. I know when values and actions are in harmony, I feel fulfillment and joy – to me the highest purpose of life. “I am living a life that I wanted as I wanted.” As part of my morning routine, I state my intentions. My actions will come closer to my vision and values when I simply take the time to state them and make them part of my conscious. It also creates an opportunity to refresh my mindset and ground myself in what I want to give to the world.

It isn’t just enough to have the ideas or intention of creating your world. After all, you do have to do the work. But, having them clearly defined allows me the opportunity to know exactly where the bulls eye is without shooting arrows into the dark.

My Intentions

I have a set of timeliness intentions that are said daily. These drive me toward the life I want to live. I call upon a set of timely intentions that help me with specific challenges I expect to face during the day. And, of course, since these are mine, I’m always free to freelance a few timely ones as well.

Timeless Intentions

  • Today, I intend to add an insane amount of Joy into the world.
  • I will love my people.
  • I will live in wonder instead of judgment.
  • I will limit my ego by being open to being wrong.
  • I will create magical moments by giving as much of myself as possible into the world.
  • I will nurture my relationships by always being a friend first.
  • I will always choose collaboration over conflict. But when conflict is necessary, I will always keep it positive and constructive.
  • I will remember my attitude is always my choice. I choose a positive, optimistic and happy approach to the world. I want to embody this approach so completely that people will be justified to think, “He must be on drugs.”
  • I will vigorously defend my health. I will treat food as fuel, be willing to kill myself during exercise so I don’t actually die and prioritize sleeping a solid 7 hours.
  • I will invest generously in myself, so I am prepared to invest in others. We don’t do life alone.
  • I will be disciplined to live my vision and values daily. And, when I miss the mark, I will have the courage to immediately start again.

Timely Intentions

  • Today, I will demonstrate grit, perseverance and creativity when my plan doesn’t work.
  • Today, I will cherish people’s differences as unique – not weird or wrong.
  • Today, I commit to planned renewal to sustain my purpose.
  • I demand accountability when responsibility is clear and resources are available.
  • I will crave perspective and treat it as the gold standard of self-awareness.
  • I will communicate with others on their terms, not mine.
  • I will tackle problems as interesting challenges.

My life has improved since I started saying my intentions. After all, a lack of clarity creates certain disharmony. It is impossible to live in harmony with something you haven’t identified. You can’t give the world a penny if you only have air in your pocket. Disillusionment hides in the shadows created by the lack of a life philosophy. It’s like a leaf blowing in the wind – always at the whims and directions of others – and never following a path to personal contentment. If you want more from life, get clear on your vision & values and start writing your morning intentions.