Jerry Macnamara: Proving Good Guys Can Finish 1st

Jerry Macnamara’s life goal is to, “Have more fun than anyone else.” He accomplishes this goal by helping motivated people succeed by teaching them to invest in themselves, build their skill sets and understand their value propositions to unlock their potential to be great. Core beliefs:

  • Love is the ultimate Superpower.
  • People want to be great. They just aren’t always sure the path.
  • People who know how to do something will always have a job. The person who knows “Why” will always be their boss. Know, “Why.”
  • Perspective is directly proportional to quality of life. Actively cultivate a wider and deeper perspective if you hope to achieve the best in life.
  • Happiness is an approach to life. Fulfillment occurs when you align actions with values and achieve success. Your life, your terms.

He is a strong believer in a values-based life – and leadership – approach. Adhering to the concept that “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything,” he developed a strong set of core values and a vision that inspires his work.

Jerry, Rachel, Brooklyn and Briggs

Jerry loves the “heavy lifting” of business and is most energized solving the biggest, hardest problems. The goal is always to create a compelling, great company that consistently outperforms the marketplace. He has a proven track record in diverse markets: retail, franchising, manufacturing, technology and construction and gets juiced learning about new markets.

Jerry is a “get your hands dirty” type of leader. Leveraging his training in Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, he prides himself on authentic leadership: never asking someone to do something he wouldn’t do himself.

You can learn more about him from his various personality tests:

His work has been recognized:

  • Inc. magazine – Fastest Growing Private Company, 2013 (#238), 2014 (#904)
  • Jacksonville Business Journal – Fast 50, 2012 (#1), 2013 (#18), 2014 (#7 growth; #8 total dollar increase)
  • Jacksonville Business Journal – Ultimate CEO, 2013
  • Jacksonville Business Journal – Forty Under 40, 2014
  • Florida Trend – Best Places to Work, 2014

Always the teacher and coach – with a strong belief in the social compact to leave the world better than you found it, Jerry stands ready to help motivated people succeed.

How can he help you? Let him know.