The 5 Dynamic Ideas From Inc’s Iconic DC


Last week, I attended the Iconic:DC event where Inc magazine lined up a ridiculously talented and inspirational group of leaders. Upon reflection of my notes and speaking with friends about the event, it became clear that there were six dynamic ideas echoed as a common thread among the speakers.  Culture Culture is the only sustainable […]

Actions Drive the World


Great point here! 

Effective Communication in the Digital Age


The world tumbles forward with unstoppable force. Are you keeping up? With the pressures of “always on” technology and increased workloads, people make ineffective choices in choosing the correct channel for communication. Sometimes, like being taught how to listen, I wonder if people even consider the most effective channel – or have a framework to […]

TPV: The Key to Productive Productivity

TPV helps determine the productive path

The difference between hugely successful people and the ones who want to be successful is focused execution – on the right priorities. After all, I’ve never met a person or business who sets out to fail. Have you? Hugely successful people fully understand the concept of “TPV.” Let’s face it: In a fast-paced world, there […]

An Incredible Journey Ends at NFFS

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Friends and Business Associates, Today, I stepped down as CEO of NFFS. The past four years have been the most exhilarating work years of my life: insanely high-growth, national recognition and helping people blossom into their best creates an experience beyond words. They have been the most personally challenging as well. Trying to manage a […]

Change and Growth


Wisdom, Courage & Dignity


Management and Leadership

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MLK: Keep Moving Forward


Why I Deleted Facebook from my iPhone

Disconnecting from mobile Facebook

I deleted Facebook from my iPhone. Now, I didn’t give up Facebook. I’ll just be engaging with it on a less frequent and more intentional basis – on my computer. When I had the idea to disconnect mobile, I was surprised when I started paying attention to my usage: Taking a peek before I got […]