31 Ways to Use White Space to Unleash Productivity

I learned about white space from my fantastically talented illustrator, Allison Bair. I was, yet again, stuffing too much onto a page. She pushed back explaining it was going to exhaust the user, confuse them and be utterly useless. In design, you deploy white space intentionally to create balance on the page. White space works […]

The Grim Reaper Almost Got Me

Sometimes, I do stupid stuff. Tuesday was no exception. I’ve spent a solid 25 years behind a desk. There is a reason. I suck at yard work. I know better. And yet, clearly, my adventurous, macho self doesn’t. So, when the neighbor’s deciduous tree, clearly overgrown and hanging into our yard, was dropping seemingly four […]

I’m Dying (and so are you)

I completed my yearly physical at Baptist Primary Care last Monday. The Doctor poked and prodded for about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I received unexpected news. At 43, it is very clear that I am dying. Don’t feel bad for me. You are too. No matter your age, you slowly trudge away from the cradle each […]

ThinkingThursday: The Greatest Gifts

ThinkingThursday In the season of gifts, let us never lose focus that our greatest gifts are almost always right in front of us. #loveyourpeople #actions>values #experiencesnotthings #blindedbythelight

WhatIfWednesday: A Beginner’s Guide to Complete Satisfaction

WhatifWednesday What if you were charged with writing the book on “A Beginner’s Guide to Complete Satisfaction”? Comment with your top 3 secrets learned in life… #whatifwednesday #rachelsidea #couldgetcrazy

WhatIfWednesday: STOP YELLING!

WhatIfWednesday What if you intentionally stopped yourself from yelling for the next week? Have you ever improved or built a relationship by yelling at someone else? I haven’t. In a time of the year when pressure mounts and relations are tested, we would all benefit from listening more and yelling less. #makechristmasfunagain #listening>yelling #alignactionsandvalues

WhatIfWednesday: 13 Items on My Happiness List

Life doesn’t always go your way. Get over it. You know the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A cute reminder to channel your positive attitude. But, it sucks as a practical, tactical approach to reversing the negative trend. When you think about negative experiences, you need to think about how you […]

WhatifWednesday: 1+1=3 Relationships

WhatifWednesday 1+1=3 Relationships Years before I met Rachel, I wrote down a list of things I was looking for in a spouse. One of them was that the relationship had to create magic. In my mind, the magic is created in the transformative relationship where the sum is greater than the individual parts. The pieces […]

WhatifWednesday: Accepting Help

WhatifWednesday Accepting Help What if we always accepted help when help was needed? Consider the plight of these two trees: Both deeply rooted Both strong at their core Both seemingly healthy inside and out But there was a major difference when were uprooted by a turbulent hurricane. One staggered and leaned on a friend. It […]

WhatifWednesday: Best Book Recommendation

WhatifWednesday Best Book Recommendation What if you could only recommend one book for the rest of your life? What book would you recommend? [Comment below]