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MLK: Keep Moving Forward


Why I Deleted Facebook from my iPhone

Disconnecting from mobile Facebook

I deleted Facebook from my iPhone. Now, I didn’t give up Facebook. I’ll just be engaging with it on a less frequent and more intentional basis – on my computer. When I had the idea to disconnect mobile, I was surprised when I started paying attention to my usage: Taking a peek before I got […]

A Great Question


How do you stop the merry-go-round of life and have intentional, meaningful interactions with people that can change the world? That’s “A Great Question.” I always leave feeling energized when engaged in a question that sparks my thinking, challenges my beliefs or changes my perspective. I’m most alive when I’m talking about ideas. Far too […]

2015: Experiences. Margin. Creator.


Once again, I am using 2015 to share my “Three Words.” The “Three Words” exercise was introduced to me by Chris Brogan – an age-peer who is a giant beyond his years and perspective. Instead of resolutions, which are easily broken and serve as guilt, Three Words serve as beacons to focus and frame the […]

Inspiration: Never Give Up

An important daily reminder

2014: Cheerful. Maximize. Presence.


This is the third year (2012, 2013) I’m using the concept of “Three Words.” It’s a very cerebral exercise and something I take seriously. In lieu of creating New Year’s Resolutions, which ultimately are broken and disappoint, “Three Words” creates beacons to guide you for the year. I’d like to personally thank Chris BroganĀ – a […]

What I Want for Christmas – 2013


Dear Mom and Dad – I received your voice mail yesterday regarding Christmas gift ideas. Yes, I know that it is your “Third Request” for this information. I am not ignoring you; I’m just struggling to come up with anything. Rachel and I live blessed lives. We have an amazing daughter who keeps us on […]